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Welcome To S-urcing Audit-rs

Sourcing Auditors Sourcing Auditors offer contract audit services to client companies engaged in IT Services, IT Hardware, IT Software, IT Telecom, System Integration, Data Center and BPO sourcing.

Audit services are aimed at addressing value leakage and ineffectiveness by helping client organizations:

  • Derive fullest value from the Contract
  • Safeguard and protect their organization from any external threat or internal non-compliance
  • Continuously strive to improve the stakeholder satisfaction levels from the Contract

There is a consensus among all Sourcing Analysts who believe that organizations lose about

  • 40% of the Contract Value towards underutilization or unutilization.
  • 15% towards non-existence of competitive pricing.
  • 10% towards internal non-compliance.
  • 5% towards extra unnecessary administrative services
  • 2% towards invoice errors and omissions.
  • Unlimited value with risks stemming from security threats, data privacy breaches, information
  • Protection challenges, personnel frauds, errorsome transactions and intellectual property rights violations.

All this value leakage and ineffectiveness can be greatly reduced by engaging into Audit Reporting™ and Audit Execution™ with Sourcing Auditors. Sourcing Auditors has developed a unique, comprehensive Audit Framework™ that routes any sourcing contract through 1200+ sourcing parameters to ensure all the contractual compliance, optimization and improvement gaps are identified and reported. Audit is performed by Certified Sourcing Auditors™ (CSAs) who bring rich experience and comprehensive knowledge from diverse areas such as Strategic Sourcing, Procurement Transformation, Information Technology, e-Sourcing, Project Management, Negotiation, Category Management, Supplier Management, IT Legal, Inventory Management, Spend Management and Strategic Planning.

Contract audit act as a complimentary service to Sourcing and Procurement leaders who always have a greater need to focus on Stakeholder management, Sourcing strategies, RFX Event management, Vendor selection, Contract Negotiation, Incumbent Service Provider meetings, Summarizing Reports and Issue Management and thus have no bandwidth to focus on Contract audit activities.

Our strategic audit solutions are a good fit for businesses of all sizes, from the small to mid-sized to the Fortune 500 companies.

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Case Studies

Audit exercise on a system integrator service provider contract found several instances of resource ineffectiveness, tax improvement, duplication billing, roles-responsibilities-rate mismatch, over staffing, travel expense corrections, benchmarking improvement and invoicing errors. Audit Reporting created potential savings of +2 million.
A small pharmacy benefit management company procured software licenses from Microsoft and Oracle without seeking any advisory help. Audit Reporting found underutilization of software licenses by 15%. Further, rate benchmarking on maintenance provided about 7% additional savings. Missing SLAs were also introduced into the contract.
Optimization Audit Reporting on a data center and cloud computing provider resulted into several improvements in the SLAs area. SLAs were reviewed and were found inadequate and not-matching with client's requirement and industry standards. SLA were redefined and re-categorized into KPI/GPI/CPI. Penalty process was introduced.
Compliance Audit Reporting for a health-care company on its telecom and infrastructure service provider contract focused on introduction/inclusion/improvement of SSAE #16, CMS, UCI, IRS, HIPPA, PCI and NIST. Several gaps were identified and an ICAR was recommended to avoid any non-compliance, IPR, data leakage and data privacy risk.
Audit exercise on a video conferencing service provider contract found huge opportunity area in its pricing model. Without doing any renegotiation with the service provider, the pricing model was tweaked to result in about 42% savings. This change also brought in reduction of unnecessary FTE work and asset depreciation work at client.

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