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Audit Governance Framework

Why are some sourcing relationships successful, while others face struggles or failures? Sourcing and Procurement excellence depends on an effective governance model which acts as a nucleus to overall Sourcing and Procurement program of IT Services, BPO or Shared Services.
Effective Governance model requires that Client Stakeholders and Service Providers;

  • Continuously review and improve upon the Contract to benefit both the parties
  • Establish clear roles and responsibilities for decision making, issue escalation, dispute management and service delivery.
  • Allocate resources, expenditure and service consumption while prioritizing needs
  • Continuously evaluate performance, cost, stakeholder satisfaction and delivery effectiveness
  • Ensure an effort to introduce, implement and benefit from continuous improvement
  • Ensure ongoing communication among all the stakeholders
  • Inclusion of regular audit and assessment processes

Our CSAs will Audit your existing Governance model to understand its implementation, effectiveness, consistency from one service provider to another, approach, relationship strength, clarity of roles, applicability of tools and existence of check lists ascertain the alignment, value and effectiveness of your Governance model.

Our CSAs also have a good understanding of various Managed Governance Solutions in the market today by KPMG Shared Services, IAOP, Gartner, Deloitte OAS and Neo Advisory's Governance Framework.

Contract Structure and Relationship Chart