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Audit Staff Augmentation Program

Audit Reporting

We Audit IT staff augmentation program in consistency with client's sourcing principles and HR policies to help our clients achieve focus, cost optimization, increased diversity spend and better program value.

Our CSAs will audit the following areas from IT Staff Augmentation Program;

  • Program Effectiveness
  • Program Strategy , Vision and Objective
  • Overall Cost Effectiveness
  • Overall Skills Match
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Submittal Process and Fulfillment Process
  • Pass-through Process and Rates
  • VMS / MSP Evaluation
  • Billing & Invoicing Audit
  • Tools and Software

Vendor Landscape

  • Resource Effectiveness - Skills, Competency levels, Profile and Industry Experience
  • Pre-boarding Processes - Background Check, Reference Check and Pre-Interview Report
  • Ready Resource Availability and Scalability
  • Rate Card Attractiveness
  • Governance Compliance – Policies, Process, Documentation and Rules of Engagement
  • Responsiveness and Flexibility
  • Vendor Credibility - Financials, Management and Reputation

Audit Execution

Today's economy demands that companies run lean on their IT support staffing. There is often huge pressure on IT by business to get their plans going at the earliest. Maintaining excess expertise under one roof is costly and wasteful. In addition, emerging technologies – including virtualization and the cloud – are demanding new and distinct skill sets. It's difficult to keep up. Thus the effectiveness of any staff augmentation program is a vital piece to all Sourcing and Procurement leaders.

Our CSAs will work with you to redesign your IT Staff Augmentation program to ensure better alignment with program strategies and vision.

Program Optimization

  • Program Reports - Stakeholder Spend Analysis , Stakeholder Satisfaction
  • Internal / External Risks & Compliance - Co-employment and Visa Risks
  • Diversity Contribution – Diversity Spend, Diversity Categories , Tier Structure and Tax benefits
  • Effective Resource Utilization – Percentage Occupancy and Sharing of resources
  • Vendor Restructuring – Better Alignment, Vendor Consolidation, Co-opetition Structure
  • Program Savings Improvement

Program Improvement

  • Process Redesigning
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction Improvement
  • Tier II Role
  • Offshore and Remote Mix
  • Best Industry Practices
  • Reduction in Administrative Efforts

Example of how our Staff Augmentation Program Audit makes the overall program more strategic, cost effective, more compliant and stakeholder satisfying. Typically we see savings of about 8-12% in overall program owing to our Audit Reporting and Audit Execution.

Sample Vendor Landscape Audit Report