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Best Industry Practices

One of the most misused and misunderstood terms in the IT / BPO Sourcing industry today is 'Best Practices' by any Service Provider. Best Industry Practices (BIP), in simple terms, refers to a set of 'best approaches' or 'best options' for Contractual engagements that generally results in cost optimization, resource effectiveness, mitigation of risks and operational excellence for the Client organization.


One of the major Contractual objective in engaging a 'Been-there-and-done-that' service provider is to leverage the knowledge, ideas and information it has acquired by virtue of working across the range of similar clients in similar industry. Contr actually engaged activity thus is expected to be a core-competency of the Service Provider

Therefore, it is important that Service Provider identifies for its client any best practices that have emerged , either within Service Provider's organization or within the market generally ,that, if implemented by Client would materially benefit Client in terms of price reductions or performance improvement.

Audit Report

Our CSAs will Audit Contract and associated engagement to analyze the Service Provider obligations under Best Industry Practices (BIP);

  • Thought Leadership
  • Identifying top new trends in your industry
  • Complimentary visits from Service Provider Experts
  • Strengthening Delivery leadership Process Improvements
  • Latest tools , templates and guidelines
  • Improvements in delivery and testing cycles
  • Introducing pro-activity in delivery methodologies (strategy, log, defects)
  • Centralized governance and centralized knowledge repository

Audit Execution

Our CSAs will work with you to incorporate Best Industry Practices (BIP) in your Contract;

  • Establish a platform for structured 'Thought Leadership'
  • Setting expectations with your Service Provider
  • Evaluating proposed Process Improvements
  • Evaluating recommendation on latest tools , templates and guidelines
  • Quantifying value of proposed improvements