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Business Case Realization

All Sourcing and Procurement activities go through development of a 'Business Case' that justifies the investment alongside expected outcomes. Be it focus, flexibility, capacity, talent availability, cost, efficiency or innovation. All investments happen after making e a realistic assessment of what exactly is expected from that deal.

However, it is believed to be the most complex area in the IT sourcing world owing to constantly changing demands, continuous tweaking of sourcing strategies, frequent changes in the rates by service provider, and unexpected environmental developments and so on. It is for these reasons only about 10% client companies bother to go back to their initial Business Cases (BCs) and do not any assign any priority to proactive Business Case Realization (BCR).


Audit Report

Our CSAs will audit Business Case Realization (BCR) items associated with your Contract;

  • Estimated Total Contract Value (TCV) over the length of the Contract
  • Estimated Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the Contract
  • Returns on Investment (ROI) from the Contract
  • Best Estimated Total Soft Value (TSV)
  • Total Deviation from Initial Business Case (BC)

Audit Execution

For client companies that are currently not engaged in Business Case Realization (BCR) our CSAs will suggest industry standard frameworks that are most suitable to your Contract. In the event that your IT Sourcing Office has some mechanism in place to compute Business Case items then our CSAs will recommend improvement areas that will aid in proactive Business Case Realization (BCR) management.
In addition, CSAs will work with you in;

  • Complete Analysis of your TCV, TCO, ROI, TSV and BC.
  • Incorporation of missing elements in BC.
  • Quantification of Estimated Total Soft Value (TSV).
  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the Contract
  • Optimization of Returns on Investment (ROI) from the Contract.