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Contract Maturity Cycle

The ultimate success in Sourcing is attained when a Client organization see fewer Contracts that end due to deficiencies in service providers' performance, more effective and efficient management of Contractual expectations, better relationships between client organizations and their service providers, and increased business value arising from Contract. This is referred to as the 'Matured' stage in IT / BPO Sourcing and Procurement Contract Life Cycle.

Audit Report

Our CSAs will audit the following areas to understand your maturity levels in the engaged Contract;

  • Executive Leadership Support / Commitment to the Contract
  • Workforce Effectiveness
  • Governance Model
  • Total Value Management Approach
  • Sourcing Framework (IT Sourcing, HR, Finance, IT Ops, Service Provider)
  • External Partnering (Other clients, Sourcing Groups, External Advisors)
  • Joint Business Planning (Agreement vs Contract, Partnership Vs Service Providers)
  • Performance Management (Business Excellence vs Service Providership)
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction


  • Right Sourcing selection and Sourcing Approach
  • Effective Service Provider Selection
  • Effective Category Management
  • Right transition – Initiation, Assessment and Planning
  • Scope Formulation and Requirements gathering
  • Understanding Service Provider culture
  • Identification of right SLAs
  • Co-ordination from other suppliers


  • Control over hidden costs of sourcing
  • Well Documented Processes
  • Vendor Performance Evaluation
  • Minimization of Cultural gaps
  • Feedback mechanisms and Customer Surveys
  • SLAs getting better Year on Year
  • Improving Business Case
  • Improving Business Understanding


  • Consistency in meeting Program Objectives
  • Significant Productivity Gains
  • More work in low-cost locations
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Strong Service Provider Relationship at all levels
  • Predictable Service Provider performance
  • Industry standard work quality
  • Excellence in Governance
  • Total alignment with business

Audit Execution

CSAs will suggest recommendation basis the gaps found in your Contract Maturity. This will be done in two stages:

  • Providing clients with an objective means of evaluating their Contract Maturity.
  • Giving clients guidance that will help improve capability across the Contract life-cycle

In addition, our CSAs will be able to help you adopt and implement eSourcing Capability Model for Client Organizations (eSCM-CL) which is industry-neutral "best practices" capability model established by Carnegie Mellon University.