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Contract Restructuring

It is believed that more than 50% of the Sourcing Contracts don't go per expectations. If an external audit is conducted in time, it is possible for companies to read the red flags early on. Audit Reported areas can find big gaps in the Contractual, Strategic and Operational areas which may warrant renegotiating and restructuring the Contract sooner than its expiry or renewal date.


Audit Report

Our CSAs will Audit Contract since its effect to understand any need for Contract Restructuring (CR);

  • Contractual Gaps (Overcharging, Double Counting, Incorrect Pricing Model )
  • Strategic Gaps (Service Model, Location, Workforce Effectiveness)
  • Operational Gaps (High Risks, Non-compliance, Schedule Delays, Quality Issues)

Audit Execution

Our CSAs are well trained to conduct an end-to-end Audit Execution workshop to help you restructure your Contract;

  • Overall Background and Executive Summary
  • High-level view of Contract Restructuring (CR)
  • Overall Strategy
  • Gaps Categorization Strategy
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Approach Strategy
  • Workshop Strategy and Conduction
  • Risks Management
  • Closure and Contract Amendment