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Contract Training

Contract Training (CT) drastically improves a firm's ability to derive the most value from any Contract. Often time companies fail to sponsor any Training sessions for their business partners, operational leaders, finance managers and sourcing analysts owing to shortage of manpower. IT Shared Services Offices / IT Sourcing divisions that choose to focus on their core-competencies while leaving the Contract Training (CT) to external experts ate four times more likely to achieve their sourcing goals as compared with firms that struggle by conducting these trainings with their limited resources.

Again, firms that engage external advisors in Contract Training (CT) are less likely to face performance, non-compliance and misgovernance issues.

Audit Report


Our CSAs will audit your Contract Training (CT) practice;

  • Existing Contract Summary
  • Existing Training Collaterals
  • Training Workshop Quality and Frequency
  • Interviews and Feedback
  • Sufficiency and Demand

Audit Execution

Our CSAs will work with you to incorporate an end-to-end Contract Training (CT);

  • Contract Executive Summary
  • Contract Training Modules
  • Training Workshop
  • Training Feedback