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Demand and Consumption Management

Audit Report

It is believed that there exists about 30% of under utilization or over payment of the contract resources as budgeted, structured and paid for in the sourcing contract. Demand for resources such as below always changes with time.

  • Service Provider Personnel (Onsite and Offshore)
  • Applications supported by Service Providers
  • Storage space and Number of Instances
  • Software Licenses and Users
  • CPU and Memory Space

It is important to track, match and procure what business needs and pay only for that much quantity.
Our Certified Sourcing Auditors (CSAs) help companies audit their demand cycle and study their consumption patterns to analyze and report their actual need. We can further help report under utilization or over payment levels.


Audit Execution

In 'Execution' phase, we will get your contractual structure aligned with your business needs by;

  • Working with right stakeholders to tune the service to customer need
  • Conducting a work shop with service provider to discuss analysis
  • Renegotiating need-based pricing model
  • Reworking your ARC / RRC models that can scale up or scale down as required
  • Introducing and Implementing industry procurement methods / models