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External Compliance

Audit Report


Banking , Financial , Insurance Retail, Health Care, Pharma, Medical Devices, Manufacturing, etc. - all have their own regulations and compliances. It is a MUST that service providers completely understand and follow these regulations all the time to ensure no non-compliance. There are huge penalties that companies have to pay if service provider personnel fail to adhere to these regulatory processes.
Our Certified Sourcing Auditors (CSAs) will conduct a thorough audit work to

  • Validate that all the regulations, laws, guidelines are followed by the Service Provider for the audited contract in all the areas
  • Review your audit reports on SAS 70, SOC1 / SOC2 / SOC3 Compliance , Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16, ISO 37500 Outsourcing Standards, etc.

If your organization is currently not conducting any of these audits or any other federally regulated procedure, our CSAs will help you put a regular process in place with suitable checklists and templates.

Audit Execution

Our Certified Sourcing Auditors (CSAs) will ensure

  • Complete understanding of the industrial rules and regulations associated with your contract
  • Conduct Service Provider Training to ensure all the stipulated regulations are followed.
  • Provide you a list of the any missing regulations that currently don't exist in the contract
  • Work with your Service Provider to incorporate missing regulations in your existing contract.