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Internal Compliance

Audit Report

No matter if your service provider is a strategic one or transactional category vendor, it is a MUST that all of your service providers and their personnel adhere to various internal policies that your organization takes pride in and cannot afford any compromise with.
Our Certified Sourcing Auditors (CSAs) will conduct a thorough audit on various internal policies to ensure all the policies and its elements are being followed in entirety.

  • Organizational Policy and Guiding Principles.
  • Human Resource Policy and Talent Strategy.
  • Data Security & Information Protection Policies.
  • Alcohol, Drug, Anti-Harassment and Violence in the Workplace Policy.
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy.
  • Application Architecture, Technical Architecture and Data Architecture Principles.
  • IT / Business Service Framework Policy.
  • Record Retention Policies.
  • Antitrust Compliance Policy.
  • Insider Trading Policy.
  • Travel Policy.
  • Gifts and Entertainment Policy.
  • Compliance and Internal Control Policy.
  • Direct Competition Policy.

If your organization is currently not conducting any of these audits or any other federally regulated procedure, our CSAs will help you put a regular process in place with suitable checklists and templates.

Audit Execution

Once Audit Reporting is done and gaps are analyzed our CSAs (Certified Sourcing Auditors) will work with you to fill those gaps by ;

  • Redefining compliance policies per world-class industry standards.
  • Putting together a contractual amendment in place.
  • Establishing regular process to ensure Compliance policies are followed.
  • Creating complete service provider awareness by conducting various workshops.
  • Advising you with suitable checklists and templates.