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Market Comparison and Rates Benchmarking

Audit Report


Companies that don't do any formal price benchmarking overpay by about 15% during their contract life-time towards non-competitive pricing. With extensive capability in research and analysis, our Certified Sourcing Auditors (CSAs) will compare industry standard pricing to report pricing deviation for the type of service being procured (a) by Service Provider Tier (b) by location and (c) by level of service from the following areas;

  • Hardware purchase contracts
  • Application development and application maintenance contracts
  • Software procurement
  • Infrastructure services and Cloud sourcing
  • Legacy Migration Projects
  • System integration and Technology architecture
  • Project Management and IT Consulting

Audit Execution

In 'Execution' phase, we will work with you to adjust your contractual pricing to the closest possible industry standard pricing by;

  • Conducting a work shop with right stakeholders and service provider
  • Renegotiating pricing model based on industry standards
  • Amending any other related contract pricing