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Pricing Model

Sourcing is a means to reduce costs, improve service delivery quality and increase the firm's ability to compete globally. While there are very real benefits to be gained from sourcing, there are many hidden contractual costs that can easily reduce or even negate many of these expected benefits if right Pricing Model is not selected. To be effective, firms should seek external help in understanding the hidden costs associated with the Pricing Model in their Contract.

Audit Report


Our CSAs will audit your Pricing Model in the Contract;

  • Set Up Costs
  • Fixed Pricing Part
  • Transition Pricing
  • Software Licensing Pricing Model (Light Users, Heavy Users, Concurrent Users, etc.)
  • Virtualization Pricing Model (Instance, Socket, Servers, etc.)
  • Cloud Computing Pricing Models (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS Pricing Models)
  • Data Center Outsourcing Pricing Models (User, Resources, Instances, Storage, etc.)
  • Data and Connectivity Charges (Routers, MPLS, Ports, etc.)
  • SI, ADM and Testing Pricing Models
  • Rate Card Compliance and Role Misalignment
  • Resource Duplication , Billing Discrepancies and Time Sheet Alignment
  • Scope Creep and Request for Changes (RFCs)
  • Lease Vs Buy Pricing Model

Audit Execution

Once thorough Audit Reporting on Contractual Pricing Model is done, our CSAs will propose the most suitable Pricing Model for your need and environment. CSAs will work with you in doing;

  • Complete Financial Analysis clearly differentiating various pricing models.
  • Commercial Negotiations with Service Provider.
  • Assistance in Contractual Amendment to switch new pricing model.
  • Socialization and Training for Engagement, Operational and Finance Leaders