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Service Provider Relationship

How a company manages its Service Providers makes a huge difference in profitability, performance, and the continuity / resilience of the company's business. Sourcing and procurement professionals have gone way beyond only chasing the lowest price to looking at the total value across the enterprise, managing risks and outcomes, improving Contract performance, and getting Continuous Improvement out of the treasure trove of spend data they are sitting on.


Audit Report

Below mentioned are the areas where our CSAs will audit your Service Provider Relationship (SPR) to understand room for improvement and practice alignment with your peers in the industry;

  • Contract Structure and Governance Relationship (Supplements, SoWs, Operational, Functional, Procurement & Sourcing and Executive Leadership Structure)
  • Status of Service Provider Relationship (Strength, Collaboration, Incentives, Competition, Pro-activity, Accountability, Mutual Investment, Trust and Transparency)

Audit Execution

Depending Audit Reporting in your Structure or Status of Service Provider Relationship (SPR) our CSAs will put forth recommendation to bridge the gaps;

  • Changes in the Governance Model
  • Changes in the Status Management with contracted Service Provider

In addition, our CSAs will be able to conduct Training Workshop in Service Provider Management and Cultural Training aspects. We will also broker discussions in difficult relationships.