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SLAs and KPIs


As one of the key divisions in the company providing critical services to the Business and IT, the Sourcing and Procurement Office need to be able to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of provider service, in pursuit of a achieving the goals set from sourcing re focus, flexibility, quality of the service, efficiency, and cost of service delivery.

In an environment of multiple service providers, multiple Contracts and the involvement of multiple IT functions in the delivery of the 'COE', it must be possible to track, measure, monitor, compare and report performances by Contracts by Service providers across all the participating COEs to ensure that the organizational goals are met with.

Further, it must also be possible to aggregate/ cumulate the data collected for each of the involved Contract / Service Provider / COEs to report a single end to end value for each Metric. This means that it is necessary to be consistent in the implementation of the metrics across all the Contract / Service Provider / COEs.

Given this and more, our CSAs (Certified Sourcing Auditors) will work with you to better your SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) landscape in terms of how the SLAs are set, captured, reported and improved year over year.

Audit Report

Our CSAs will audit the following areas in SLAs;

  • SLAs Existence and SLAs Definition in the Contract
  • SLAs Reporting and SLAs Reviewing by business
  • SLAs Data Collection – Source , Destination, Frequency and Process
  • SLAs Improvement and Redefinition to meet industry standards
  • SLAs Categorization – CPIs, KPIs and GPIs
  • SLAs Metric – Type I / Type II, Target / Minimum / Actual
  • SLAs Attainment, Defaults and Credits
  • SLAs Penalties Recovery and At Risk Pool Percentage Allocation

Audit Execution

Once thorough SLAs and KPIs Audit Reporting is done and gaps are analyzed using the Auditors SLAs Framework (ASF), our CSAs will put forth an Implementation Plan (SLA IP) to solidify your contractual performance by;

  • Assistance in redefining your SLAs Framework.
  • Socialization and Training for Engagement Leaders and Managers.
  • Socialization with Service Provider Account Managers and Delivery Managers.
  • Assistance in Contractual Amendment.