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User Satisfaction Levels

IT Sourcing and Procurement is a neither a process‐centric event nor a transaction-centric division. In fact, it is a people‐centric function. In a highly complex world of multi-million, multi-provider and multi-geographical Contracts, it is often not possible to get the broader picture of Service Provider Performance unless a comprehensive User Satisfaction Survey is conducted. CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) is viewed as a critical success factor in attaining set expectations from Sourcing Contracts.

Service Providers too, consider CSI as an important feedback mechanism which helps them in better employee retention, improved employee attitude and morale, increased productivity of its knowledge workers. CSI provide valuable insights for practitioners who consider it as the best recommendation to their service model evolution.


Audit Report

Our CSAs will audit User Satisfaction Levels (USLs) item associated with your Contract;

  • Survey Tools, Survey Process, Survey Format and Survey Frequency
  • Survey Weight, Scale, Objective and Subjective
  • Face-to-Face Interviews – Stakeholders and Service Provider Managers
  • Periodic Summarization and Analysis of Issues and Escalations
  • Study of Secondary Data – SLAs, Value-Add, Reports, MoMs

Audit Execution

Audit Execution on User Satisfaction Levels (USLs) will pay back in terms of better service and improved business performance, and result in stronger long‐term relationships between service providers and clients.

In addition, CSAs will work with you in;

  • Complete Analysis of your USLs.
  • Improvement in overall Survey Process.
  • Reduction in Survey Cost.
  • Optimization of Survey Efforts and Survey Resources.
  • Effective engagement of relevant Stakeholders.